Vellum offsets object #1 and #2 Chika Kishimoto

Chika Kishimoto Lindsay

. [ artist statement ]
Chika Kishimoto Lindsay was born in Hyogo, Japan. She moved to Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand with her family in 2008. Chika creates in sculpture, object and drawing. Her primary engagement is in the movements of a form that occur in the vastness of nature.
Chika is influenced by the refined, pure and simple-lined organic forms and materials of Isamu Noguchi, Constantin Brâncuși, and Barbara Hepworth, as well as her feelings for traditional arts of Japan. Her intention is to reduce peripheral matters to the core and still keep the concept intact. Chika is interested in accessing a sense of the contemporary sublime and she approaches this from the aspects of traditional aesthetic. . [ artworks]
Exploring continuously within her sculptural practice with different materials, Chika discovered how vellum reacted in water. She experimented by applying heat, stretching, by creating shapes and stitching pieces.
Skins separate our inner-selves from our surroundings. Chika’s work addresses the psychological conditions that exist in today’s multinational and highly-developed technological societies. Chika questions; How do we stay in touch with our true inner-selves while our outer ‘skins’ are subject to the outside world?
Chika’s concern for our surroundings guides her to use natural materials where possible.

The works are made with vellum, which is a natural parchment made from animal skin. In Europe it was considered the finest material for writing on until the introduction of cellulose-based paper from ancient China



Size small        70x70mm

Size medium 110x70mm

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