Usuhari Tumbler Glass Set ( L ) うすはり Lタンブラー セット 

This popular tumbler glass from the Usuhari range is versatile in everyday use and occasions. The remarkable Usuhari Glasses are carefully hand made by master craftsmen. With 50 years experience of making glassware, Mr. Katagiri heads the process. They are born of the same techniques as making light bulbs.  Appearing beautifully delicate, you'll be amazed how fine the rim is, but they can be handled with usual care of glassware (although not dishwasher safe).  These tumbler glass set comes with the beautifully crafted cider box, It's a great for gift. 

Well received abroad already, Usuhari picked up the "Accent On Design Best Product Award", at The New York International Gift Fair held in August 2003.



Large: 70 x 135 mm  |  375 cc  |  weight-65g




Collections: Kitchen

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