[SALE] Torch donut coffee dripper トーチ ドーナツドリッパー

Torch are creators of many beautiful coffee goods, and this Donut Coffee Dripper is their crown jewel.

The stylish dripper has a slim body for the best possible flavour. You can control the pour well and slow down the brewing process to open the coffee beans for maximum flavour, then when you release more hot water it flows easily through the dripper for the smooth extractions and a fresh ‘Touch’ taste. 

To make the best possible coffee, Torch have also chosen great materials and a minimal look that fits into every kitchen. The finely crafted porcelain is made by Mino Yaki in Gifu prefecture, a region famous for pottery in Japan. The internal walls feature ribs to help water to go through inward to prevent the water going straight out along the wall without going though the layers of coffee also it contributes a better grip of paper filter. The ceramic piece is sustained by an untreated White Ash wooden ring. Over time it will age with your daily use, leaving stains etc, which is part of the attraction and will become your own antique piece. 

Use commercial shaped filter paper - Melita 103 or Kalita 1x4

Recommended to use the white filter paper... we found the brown paper gains a strong paper flavour... which you want to avoid for enjoying a true coffee.  

Produced by Torch.  

Material : dripper - porcelain, Mino yaki / wooden base - white ash  

Porcelain is dish-washer friendly. 

Also available in white.


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