The Caker - Cake Mixes ( Vegan Options )


All you need to add to our cake mixes is butter or oil, milk and some fruit or nuts. Aspiring bakers can now feel a little like The Caker at home! The mixing is easy, the baking is relaxing and the decorating is fun. You can say you made it yourself and the aroma wafting through your home will prove it. 

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Cake Flavours: Coconut Raspberry, Banana Crumble, Chocolate Hazelnut and Lemon Plum.

Contents: Each box comes with three packets - a cake mix /  icing mix / a packet of decorations (or improvise with your own decorations).


Beautiful and unique cake mix and accompaniments created by Jordan Rondel from NZ. Jordan has a passion and love for baking and a natural baking gene with techniques passed down by her french grandparents - "Baking is in my blood". Her unique style and aesthetic eye, not to mention great ability, have her shaping a new path in baking.

The Caker's cakes are appealing in an honest way, because she cares more about how they taste than they look. They are tastebud art. The Caker's style is built on quality and when it comes to decorations, go for anything naturally beautiful - freeze dried fruits, crushed nuts and fresh flowers.

The cake mixes are made with spelt flour ( an ancient flour grain ) with the exact amounts of quality ingredients. There are also vegan options.

Beautifully packaged in stunning gold boxes, they are a modern, elegant and luxurious - they will make the perfect gift for anyone who loves good food.


ニュージーランドで人気の焼き菓子店「The Caker」のジョーダン ロンデルによって生み出されたケーキミックスは、彼女のフランス人祖父母から受け継がれた、伝統的な焼き菓子のレシピが元になっています。

「お菓子を焼くことは、私の遺伝子に組み込まれている」愛と情熱を持って作るジョーダンのケーキは、見た目に美味しそうなのはもちろん、それ以上に本物の味を追求した「The Caker」のオリジナルスタイルとなっています。素敵でお洒落なゴールドベースのパッケージのミックスは、プレゼントとしても最適です。