Syuro - Copper Square cans

This beautiful collection of Syuro tins become more attractive the more they are used, the fresh colours of the tin plate and copper mellow with use to become a part of their environment and the owners personal antique.

Made to meticulous perfection using a minimal number of lines for an evenness from every angle. These tins feature hand scuffing for a beautiful matte finish. 
These tins are made by folding and tucking, not soldering to prevent rust. Using brass this way is particularly difficult as if it is too thin it will compromise it's durability - Syuro have managed through trial and error to produce these strong, thick brass tins.
Whilst these rectangular tins are popular for stationary, valuables and keepsakes their uses are completely open - enjoy them anyway you choose. Great for gifts.


Square copper can  |  small  |  w 95 x d 65 x h 50 mm 

Square copper can  |  medium  |  w 100 x d 200 x h 50 mm 

Square copper can  |  large  |  w 125 x d 220 x h 60 mm 








Collections: Bathroom, Kitchen, Living

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