Shuhei Narita - canister #4


Shuhei Narita's Canister #4,

Shuhei Narita is a Japanese ceramicist from Aichi. Shuhei graduated Nagoya Art University before completing a degree in ceramics and porcelain in Tajimi.
Shuhei has the ability to transform clay into quirky yet practical objects. He begins his process with a lump of clay and handcrafts different shapes and objects. Following the drying process, Shuhei paints on different materials such as clay and ash, and then uses stones and other natural materials to polish each piece. It is then finished and fired with an oil kiln.
Shuhei uses beeswax or lacquer to waterproof each of his ceramics making them a popular and practical addition to your tableware.
. This series of works were made for the collaborative exhibition at Gallery Crossing last year, he did with NZ renowned artist Areez Katki. Shuhei influenced and studied Areez’s work, his practice and from his present. Shuhei built a collection to express his work to follow the theme “Roots”.
A journey of imagination beyond the beginning of own memories and emotions. Two artists grew up in different environments, however they think about “Roots ” for this exhibition. .
We think it has all sorts of profound implications.
We are fortunate to have these work in New Zealand for the very first time, showcasing at Astute Assembly.

Collections: Kitchen, Living

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