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Sen :

Brass  paper holder


Takuya Nishimoto’s beautiful range ’Sen’ places focus on the timeless character of brass. His collection is intended to age, softly tarnishing and oxidising over time, which he compliments with ageless minimal forms. 


Designer / Brass craftsman Takuya Nishimoto, Based in Kyoto  

Born in 1980, Takuya attended University in Kobe, Japan where he studied Product Design. He specialised in metals, focusing on a variety of projects inclusive of jewellery design and interior design. After graduating, Takuya travelled for two years, visiting 68 different countries. During this time, Takuya was able to gain further insight into interior design and architecture. After returning from his travels, Takuya began his metal work range ‘SEN' to express his design vision. ‘SEN' has lead to many exhibitions throughout Japan and other parts of Asia. Takuya's ethos; to come up some new products that are not intensionally design to design. 

It was during Takuya’s travels that he realised how many objects, both modern and traditional, are made using metal, particularly brass; a combination of copper and zinc. Brass has a character that is timeless and embodies beauty as it ages. Takuya’s own work with brass began when he was designing gold and platinum jewellery, throughout this process he used brass as a prototype. It was during this time that he understood the beauty of brass, and made the decision to base ‘SEN' around the material. Takuya hopes that his work will reflect the characteristics of brass whereby it will age beautifully and shine for a lifetime.
「真鍮というのは時間とともに生きています。その時の空気、水分などを真鍮自身の身に纏い、それが真鍮の表情に現れ、それぞれの異なった表情を見せてくれ、 最初はゴールドの様に煌めき輝いているにも関わらず、時間が経つにつれて、人間と同じ様に個性を持ち、千差万別の表情が生まれます。その過程が美しく、とても特別なものでは無いですが、時間が真鍮の作品をとても特別なものに変えてくれます。」と西本さん。


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