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Mishim Pottery Collection - JEWELLERY
The Fragment Series by Mishim Pottery Creation is a jewellery collection made using high quality clay and indigo dye to create a bleeding effect. Each piece is complemented with a small amount of gold, making it extra special. The Fragment series is made in the Tajima Region by talented handcrafters. Due to each piece being made by hand, appearances will slightly differ from one another resulting in each piece being unique.

Mishim Pottery Creation 

Introducing Mishim Pottery Creation by Makiko Dohi. Makiko Dohi, Director of Mishim Pottery Creation has always had an interest in design particularly interiors. With a Masters Degree in Spatial Design and a passion for objects made by hand, Dohi founded Mishim Pottery Creation. Mishim Pottery Creation's objective is to carefully handcraft “what can become an antique in the future”, this is achieved through finding suitable factories tailored for each individual object in areas in the Gifu Prefecture, Japan. Through using a range of materials such as iron and wood, Dohi has curated a collection of organic and timeless pieces that will only look better with age.
Narrow Bangle- Size- 65-68mm x 10-15mm (each piece is handmade so this is a guide only).
Kakera Earring- Sold as a pair, 18k gold, the size ranges from around 10mm - 18mm per square (each piece is handmade so this is a guide only).
Hoop Earring- Sold individually (if you want a pair you must buy two), 10k gold, hoop size- 10mm, overall length- 40mm (each piece is handmade so this is a guide only).


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