Mayuko Ogawa Glass Vase Gray 小川 真由子

Mayuko Ogawa Glass artist from Japan


About her techniques:
She mostly works with the Pate de Verre technique of pressing glass powder into a mould, then cooking it in a kiln at a high temperature (720-780 degrees) to cast the glass. It then slowly cools down in the unfired kiln for one to two days. When it is finally set, to know the perfect firing, you need many years of experiences. The plaster mould needs to be cracked every time, making for a very time consuming process to create each piece. You can see the beautiful hand-crafted nature to her work. 
The Pate de Verre method produces a cloudy and murky quality to the glass and a matte finish, creating beautiful landscape-like gradations with a the feel of very soft water colour paintings. 





Mayuko Ogawa glass artist
 Bio :
1988 Born in Ibaraki 
2010 Graduated Tsukuba university 
2016 Graduated Glass design institution 
2016 ~ Glass collective in Tokyo 

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