[SALE] Koizumi Studio - Shitaku Series 小泉スタジオ

The Shitaku Series from Koizumi Studio.

Makoto Koizumi has become one of Japan's leading industrial/product designers, having established his own studio in Tokyo, 1990. Since then he has approached each project with the same emphasis on tradition & craftsmanship. Aesthetically the pieces are to a modern taste, with a certain simplicity however incredibly practical for your kitchen.  

The Shitaku Series (meaning ‘preparation’ in Japanese) is a collaboration with Kihara, a popular porcelain brand in Japan from Arita renowned for its porcelain work. 

Grater (for Wasabi, ginger etc )  - 10 x H2.8cm  

Juicer - 10 x H5.7cm

Ladle Rest - 10 x 3.8cm

Mortar & Pestle - 10 x 3.5cm

Lid - 10 x 1.2cm

Porcelain  | Microwaveable  |  dishwasherable  |  Made in Japan 




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