Hangiri sushi rice mixing tub - cypress sawara 飯切り 33cm


True craftsmanship - Hangiri sushi rice mixing tub, made by cypress sawara & copper     

This beautiful and traditional wooden rice-mixing tub (hangiri) absorbs excess water, allowing your rice to reach the perfect consistency every time. The hangiri is crafted by experienced artisans with a high quality Japanese cypress (sawara), a material prized in Japan for its durability and aesthetics. It also has the great property of absorbing excess when it's humid and discharging water when it's dry. 

Sawara has a beautiful natural fragrance which is not quite as strong a cider, thus is a perfect for making vinegared rice for Sushi.

The hangiri features a copper ring for maximum durability.

Before use, soak the tub in the water and wipe with a cloth.  For maintenance, wash well with warm or boiling water (avoid using dish liquid) and dry well after it use. Store somewhere dry that has constant air circulation - ideal to store them on open shelves.    

 If a natural wooden resin appears, please avoid using liquid soap - use squeezed lemon juice and scrub with boiling water. We recommend using our Syuro Tawashi for scrubbing the tub - it's available here.   

Any questions and enquiries about this products please email us - enquiries@aaaselect.co


Material : Sawara wood, Japan | copper 

Size : φ 24 / 27 / 30 / 33 cm







素材: 国産さわら材