Minami Samejima - tea pot #1

Minami Samejima - Potter,                                                                                Japanese artisan's product   

Ceramic tea pot, unglazed

size: 130mm x 80mm(H)

*It has a special firing techniques that it's been sealed properly so it's food safe and it won't leak. It might stained by the natural food oil as you use it but it will be merged nicely if it's used repeatedly. 


Minami Samejima is based in Gifu. She uses a unique process to fire her pottery, whereby she layers her work into a box called “Saya”, this box is packed with leftover, excess rice husks (chaff) collected from her parent's rice farm. 

Minami doesn’t apply any glaze to her work, instead, she uses the process of firing. During this process she sinks her objects in the ash of rice husks, this creates a natural dark charcoal tone along with a glaze to seal each piece. The surface of each object has many tiny air holes, thus it will change over time with age. The teapot will absorb colour as well as the scent of the tea that you use, while the bowls will gain strength through absorbing the natural oils from food
The natural and sustainable life cycle of Minami’s production reflects her philosophy of creations. The technique she uses is incredibly personal and unique and is the answer behind the attractive colour and texture to her work. 


*Please dry well when you wash.   This picture shows two jars but the price is for only one so please choose the size of which jar you prefer.

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