[SALE] Ense Garson small Wallet

Ense Leather Wallet  - Small 


Hand-crafted leather wallet by Ense

From Kyoto, Japan 


There are many insert pockets with the wallet using very soft leather.  

Enśe』means ensemble」in French, it means assembling people and creative community together with Ense. 

Ense to supplier, supplier to maker, Ense to customer… 


Ense is a unit of 6, they all have a creative background, gathering to create very unique products. Their product will bring a joy carrying them as they put lots of energy for the each processes to develop the products. Attentions to the details. The out line of the design is very minimal but it's made cleverly crafted that the functionality is amazing as well as the design. 

They also care about what material they use. Choosing the top quality of materials is their priority. Their suppliers and maker is from Kobe, they use the traditional techniques working closely with the design team so it has a great traceability and they try produce the products that has sustainable sense. Ense's products are made well with craftsman so it will last long and aged well as well. That’s the reason why people obsesse with Ense, once they start having them.  


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