AOTEA Manuka Honey Day Cream マヌカハニー・デイクリーム

Manuka Honey Day Cream
What we put on our skin is ultimately absorbed into our body - which is why we make our face cream with the most natural, simple and restorative ingredients. In fact, our face cream is so natural its contents are actually safe to eat (although we wouldn’t recommend it). 
We are also big believers in the native flora and fauna of New Zealand (our home), which is why the anti-inflammatory native kawakawa leaf and the anti-bacterial and super active manuka honey are significant tenants in our light day cream. Manuka honey particularly is a known anti-microbial warrior which promotes skin regeneration and holds moisture from the air to leave your skin super clean blemish free and feeling fresh throughout the day.



Aotea is a culmination of traditional Maori herbal remedies and the desire to create a sustainable business, this is what makes them so passionate about what they do.

Founder of the Aotea brand, Tama Toki grew up on Great Barrier Island (NZ), Aotea in Maori. It's where his whanau (Family) is from and it is here that the native ingredients for all Aotea's products hail from. 

This unique and beautiful place and Tama's family recipes provided the inspiration for Aotea. Their formulations come from knowledge passed on from his ancestors and his grandmother's herbal remedies for keeping the family healthy.  

They use only 100% natural preservatives in their skincare. Made by hand, by their people, at their home, Great Barrier Island, New Zealand.  


マヌカハニー・デイクリーム (AOTEA Manuka Honey Day Cream)


添加物を一切使用せず、自然の原料で作られたデイクリーム。 肌につけるものは直接体内に取り込まれる―このことからAOTEAでは口に入れても安全なナチュラルな成分のみを原料としました。 炎症を鎮めるカワカワやMGO有用成分を多く含むマヌカハニーなどニュージーランド原産の自然の動植物を主に使用、肌を整え保湿し、軽いつけ心地ながら一日中フレッシュで潤いのある清潔な肌を保ちます。 上品なローズヒップの香りも大人気のポイントです。


マヌカリーフ・ウォーター、カワカワ&マヌカリーフ入りスウィートアーモンドオイル、グレープシード・オイル、マヌカハニー800+ MGO、植物性グリセリン(オーガニック)、乳化剤、シアバター、セトステアリルアルコール、大豆レシチン、ビタミンEオイル、アロエベラ・ゲル、プロビタミンB5、ナチュラガード・ピュア、ティーツリー・オイル、キサンタンガム


AOTEA 製品は日本国内にてご発送の対応をしています。



発送料金 一律 500円

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