AOTEA - Manuka honey 300+MGO


300+ Manuka Honey
Our Aotea Manuka Honey 300+ is the next step up when you are searching for the amazing anti-microbial properties found in manuka honey. With more than double the MGO rating of our Aotea Manuka Honey 125+, the Aotea Manuka Honey 300+ packs a serious dose of the active methylglyoxa (MGO). It is an anti-microbial warrior.
All our honey is sustainably sourced and packed straight from the hives so its just as nature intended - raw and unpasteurised. And most importantly of all, we always leave the majority of the honey on the hives for the bees and only ever extract what they can spare.


Aotea is a culmination of traditional Maori herbal remedies and the desire to create a sustainable business, this is what makes them so passionate about what they do.

Founder of the Aotea brand, Tama Toki grew up on Great Barrier Island (NZ), Aotea in Maori. It's where his whanau (Family) is from and it is here that the native ingredients for all Aotea's products hail from. 

This unique and beautiful place and Tama's family recipes provided the inspiration for Aotea. Their formulations come from knowledge passed on from his ancestors and his grandmother's herbal remedies for keeping the family healthy.  

They use only 100% natural preservatives in their skincare. Made by hand, by their people, at their home, Great Barrier Island, New Zealand.  



マヌカハニー 300+ MGO (AOTEA Manuka Honey 300+)


大自然に囲まれたニュージーランドの未開拓の島 - Great Barrier Island (グレートバリアアイランド)のミツバチが集めた蜂蜜を手所業により抽出・瓶詰めした、MGO値300+のマヌカハニー。 こちらはマヌカハニー全体の20%しか採れないMGO300以上の高品質を誇り、マヌカハニーによる健康サポートをより意識されている方にオススメです。 MGOとはメチルグリオキサールの略で、マヌカの蜜から作られた特別な天然糖に多く含まれている希少な有用成分のこと。これを含むマヌカハニーは寒い時期の体調サポートや栄養補助に古くから滋養食として親しまれています。 AOTEAのマヌカハニーは全てを手作業・蜜蜂に優しい方法で生産しているのに加え、マヌカハニー独自の有用作用を失わないよう45度以上の加熱はせず、栄養豊富な自然そのままの生はちみつをお届けします。


素材・原料ニュージーランド産マヌカハニー 300+MGO 100%



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