AOTEA - Kawakawa Balm カワカワ・バーム

Kawakawa balm 

A multi-purpose healing balm based on traditional use of Kawakawa for irritations, abrasions and pains. Kawakawa leaves have a super high anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and analgesic content making it an amazing balm for all sorts. With Almond and Tea Tree Oil, and some beeswax from our own hives, our Kawakawa Balm is the natural and native skincare remedy perfect for dry lips, skin irritations (like eczema), as well as bites, sores and nappy rash.


Aotea is a culmination of traditional Maori herbal remedies and the desire to create a sustainable business, this is what makes them so passionate about what they do.

Founder of the Aotea brand, Tama Toki grew up on Great Barrier Island (NZ), Aotea in Maori. It's where his whanau (Family) is from and it is here that the native ingredients for all Aotea's products hail from. 

This unique and beautiful place and Tama's family recipes provided the inspiration for Aotea. Their formulations come from knowledge passed on from his ancestors and his grandmother's herbal remedies for keeping the family healthy.  

They use only 100% natural preservatives in their skincare. Made by hand, by their people, at their home, Great Barrier Island, New Zealand.  


カワカワ・バーム(AOTEA Kawakawa Balm)


ニュージーランドの原住民マオリ族の人たちが昔から愛用しているハーブ・カワカワのエキスを使用したマルチクリーム。 カワカワには炎症を鎮め肌を守り健やかに保つ作用があるため、乾燥した唇、肌のかゆみ、虫刺され、オムツかぶれなど、さまざまな肌トラブルに効果的です。 アーモンドオイル、ティートゥリーオイル、マヌカハニーの巣箱から採れるミツロウを配合したナチュラルな処方で敏感肌の方にもお使いいただけます。 自然成分ながら身体中の様々な悩みに応えてくれる、万能なクリームです。





AOTEA 製品は日本国内にてご発送の対応をしています。



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