About Us

AAA is a cleverly curated collection of beautiful things; a collection to be experienced, to bring joy to everyday life. A combination of Japanese and local pieces, we source direct from the artisans themselves in order to deliver what is more than a gift; it’s something to become your own antique.
We strive to celebrate the people behind the craft; we represent artists, not merely distribute their work. Our collection is more than just products; it’s the end result of artisans honing their skills over many years, in some cases centuries. The tradition in these refined skills is something that is often overlooked and we’re here to celebrate it; to make it relevant to a modern audience. Everything in our collection has its own story and we’re here to help the creator tell this story to the world. 
An Astute Assemblyは、私たちのHomeである日本とニュージーランドの長く大切に使える「いいもの」を世界に発信したいという思いから始まった
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+++Shop location +++

76 Ponsonby Rd, Ponsonby, Auckland ,NewZealand 1010

         Tuesday 11:00-2:30pm

          Wednesday to Sunday
          11:00am - 4:00pm

contact : enquiries@aaaselect.co


We ship internationally ✈︎✈︎✈︎ see list of costs below.



Shipping costs:  

New Zealand  
$300+ purchase           free 
Standard shipping (0.0- 1.2kg)    $7
Heavy goods shipping (1.2kg+)    $12
$300+ purchase                                $20
International light weight(0.0- 1.2kg) $20
International heavy weight(1.2kg+)   $35
$300+ purchase    $20
International light weight (0.0- 1.2kg) $20
Internatinal heavy weight (1.2kg+)     $35
Rest of the world 
International light weight (0.0- 1.2kg) $35
International heavy weight (1.2kg+)   $45
Please be aware that it is not our policy to refund after purchase unless there is a fault to the product, All the shipping has tracking numbers for secure delivery. 
Any question please contact us: enquiries@aaaselect.co
Many thanks.