[SALE] Yamaguchi pottery small rounded plates-drawing pattern


Yamaguchi Pottery

by Kazuna Yamaguchi


Originally from Mie Prefecture, Japan, Yamaguchi was a student of Iwana pottery in Tottori Prefecture. In 2013  after many years of graft, he returned to his hometown to set up a studio at his grandfather’s old house in Ise city, Mie. His studio, Yamapota (an informal shorthand for Yamaguchi Pottery), is surrounded by nature where he draws inspiration.


Many of his works apply the traditional European technique of glazing called “slipware”. He uses a brush to paint the slip on to the clay, drawing the regular simple smooth lines creating his iconic patterns. The striking nature of his simple finishes has gained him many fans in Japan over the years, where he sells his works in high-end department stores and reputable galleries.

Slip is made from clay and minerals, which is different to common glaze techniques – ‘Slipware is Pottery identified by its primary decorating process where slip is placed onto the leather hard clay body surface before firing by dipping, painting or splashing. The pattern is creating by hand using a brush so it’s one-off pieces and you could appreciate how the artist applied the brush strokes’.    


Once a Miso factory, his practical but beautiful workspace is located in the remote countryside in Ise city, Mie.


Size || 150 mm diameters 

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