August 14, 2016


Weaving Techniques - Macrame workshop

Weaving Techniques... Macramé Workshop 

An Astute Assembly held a rewarding Macrame workshop on the 6th of August at our pop-up space in Ponsonby Central. It was a very relaxed environment, and we all had a great night learning new skills... Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge, Fuko Carron from Bit design + work house. 

Fuko taught us few different types of knots at this event, and she explained that once we know these knots we can create many impressive types of Macrame, from Pot hanging to wall hanging ones,  and even little jewellery pieces too !  

These beautiful pictures taken by Liz Clarkson made it even more special. We love the stunning black/white images !

We will announce the next workshop via our social media and newsletter, so please follow us and stay tuned.

Have a lovely Sunday ! 

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