March 09, 2019


Upcoming AAA workshops

Autumn is the best season for eating, reading and crafting!
We have a variety of workshops happening in March to May.  Some will be first for us!  Very Exciting!!  We have limited numbers for each of these sessions, reserve a space by emailing us at or book you in from our online store. 

31 March / Kintsugi Workshop / $70
14 April / Modern Calligraphy and Lettering Workshop / $105
6 May / Kintsugi, Japanese bento lunch by Lohas, Furoshiki holding Workshop in Matakana  / $140

Kintsugi Workshop 
Sunday, 31 March / 10:30 - 12:30
At TÜR x An Astute Assembly Store 

Our popular workshop 

Kintsugi is a traditional Japanese technique of repairing broken ceramics with lacquer and gold powder which makes a feature of the break so it’s beautiful than it was before it was broken. Find out more about kintsugi here
This lesson will give you hands-on experience to learn the skills required to mend your broken objects. It is a very versatile technique, you can mend other kinds of materials as well, such as wood, glass, metal.

You can purchase the kit at the end of the session as optional.
This is always our most popular workshop and seats are filling up fast, so please get in touch with us soon so we can book you in! 

$70 per/person
At 486 Karangahape Rd, Auckland, NZ
Bring your own broken objects (but nothing too complicated for a first lesson!) 
Our tutor : Natasha Linskill - @natasha.linskill 

Booking is essential - From
 online store or
Calligraphy Workshop 
Sunday, 14 April / 10:00 - 12:00                                                                        
At TÜR x An Astute Assembly store

Modern Calligraphy Workshop with Natasha Linskill. 

Natasha, based in Wellington, is an experienced calligraphy tutor, taking many workshops at different creative spaces. We are hosting her last Modern Calligraphy workshop before going on maternity leave! So don't miss out this rare opportunity workshop lover!
This class is suitable for the total beginners seeking a new creative outlet. You will be shown how to create basic strokes and shapes before moving onto individual letterforms and by the end of workshop, you will be beautifully hand-writing script form well! 
Calligraphy is a methodical, yet expressive craft that is a perfect creative outlet for unwinding and relaxing. You will learn skills that are perfect for DIY wedding invitations, guest names, menu boards or just simply to impress with your new style of beautiful handwriting! 

Every attendee will get a take-home from Natasha with her favourite lettering tools and materials and including guides and tip sheets to continue practice at home. 

Limited seats available, so be quick! 

At 486 Karangahape Rd, Auckland, NZ
Our tutor : Natasha Linskill - @natasha.linskill 

Booking is essential - From
 online store or

Japanese craft & culture day at Creative Matakana
Kintsugi & Furoshiki workshop by AAAselect
Monday, 6 May / From 10:30 onward...

AM: Kintsugi workshop
Noon: Japanese bento box by Migiwa Ozawa from Lohas 
PM: Furoshiki holding demo 
We are coming to Matakana!

We are proud to be a part of Creative Matakana this year, we will run our Japanese culture workshop at the most wonderful venue at Robin and Simon's beautiful site.  Look forward to meeting with people from there. 


For more details & Booking info from here.
Enjoy incorporating nature with our traditional beautiful objects. These workshops will allow for an experience of wabi sabi and will give you inspiration for modern living. Please come and join with craft lovers. 
Thank you !

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