August 21, 2016


Q&A with the beautiful Markantonia

Markantonia have just released a new look for their beautiful candles. 
Hand poured, seasonal Eco-soy candles from NZ artisans.

Antonia De Vere and Mark Seeney are a couple who share their creative endeavours in Flowers, Furniture and Living in their business Markantonia Ltd.

AAAselect were lucky enough to quiz them on what inspires them and what makes them tick. Hope you enjoy ! 

_ How did you start up ? Was there any key events that were a trigger to set up your brand ? 
During our design eductions we both knew we would be working for ourselves in one way or another, it just felt right to be fully in control of our own creative processes. This gradually grew into a reality from doing a few floral and furniture design jobs for close friends to starting our floral and design company immediately after completing university and providing our services to commercial clients also.
There were no key events as such, more like a series of smaller, higher profile jobs with large exposure due to the brands we were working with, these jobs resulted in some great press early on and helped us gain some traction.

_ ビジネスを始めたきっかけは?


_ Do you have a philosophy for your brand ? 
Beauty in Simplicity. 

_ ブランドの哲学とは?


_ Are there any artists you admire who provides motivation for your work? 
Marcel DuChamp, Tchaikovsky-Swan Lake. Wagner.

_ あなたの作品に影響を与えるアーティストさんはいますか?
マルセルデュシャン、チャイコフスキー 白鳥の湖、ワグナー


_ Any message/advice to people that use your products ?
Thank you for your support!

_ あなたの作品を使用するお客様に伝えたいメッセージはありますか?


_ Do you have any strong thoughts on any of the food movements around at the moment? Do you have any advice on choosing better ingredients?
The emphasis on locally grown, fresh, untreated food is great to see as it makes a lot of environmental sense. Local farmers markets are great as the produce is usually fresh and you’re reinvesting directly back into the community.

_ 食を通して今現在気をつけていること、こだわりはありますか?良い食品の選び方へのアドバイスはありますか?


_ What is the single hardest task you have to do as part of your process?
We are makers first and business people second, so the business part of our brand is the hardest aspect of what we do. 

_ あなたの作品作りの中で最も難関な点はどこですか?


_ Please describe your favourite tool used in your work. / Is there anything you couldn't craft without in your workspace?
Antonia has 2 pairs of small Tajika Flower Shears, and for me, my sketch pad and pen.

_ 一番好んでいる道具はありますか?/ワークスペスになくてはならない存在のものはありますか?
アントニアは日本のTajika ブランドの園芸鋏を2本持っています。私(マーク)は、スケッチPadとそのペンです。


_ Is there any particular music that you play in your creative space or favourite artists who inspire you at work?
We both listen to a lot of symphonic music in the studio as it's so dynamic and non distracting.

_ クリエイティブなスペースに必要な音楽や影響を与えるアーティストはいますか?


_ Do you have any quote that you like ? 
"Less is more”  “have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.”

_ フレーズで好きな言葉はありますか?
"Less is more” ー シンプルは大胆だ “have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.” ー 家庭で使用しないツールを溜め込まない(断捨離)は美しい 


_ What are your go-to magazines or blogs?
Elle Decoration Uk. Plant Magazine. Puss Puss Mag.

_ フォローをしているマガジンやブログはありますか?
Elle Decoration Uk. Plant Magazine. Puss Puss Mag.


_ What makes you smile the most?
My Wife 

_ 何が一番あなたを笑顔にさせますか?


Markatonia seasonal candle are available from our store...

Perfect for a gift or to fresh up your house. 
We ship internationally!

Spring / Summer / Autumn / Winter candles from Markantonia

Markantonia offer a seasonal range of Eco-Soy candles. Their candles are made in New Zealand by Mark and Antonia. Hand poured in their Studio in Auckland. Their fragrances are of natural origin where possible, or the most eco-friendly choice first. They choose to use Eco-Soy as an Eco-friendly and vegan alternative.Their seasonal candles are bespoke, tailored and personally tested, mixed and poured to create a scent that is individual and captures the essence of what inspires them each season. 

300ml with an average burn time of 60-65hrs if burnt correctly. 

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