June 23, 2018


Our first workshop at our store...

We run the first workshop at our very first store in Auckland on 10th of June.

It was great to see many people who came along and join our most popular Kintsugi workshop in our brand new shop space on very calming Sunday. 

We lay-out the long trestle tables in the middle of the shop, surrounded by beautiful objects that AAA & TÜR's selected.  


People seemed very enjoy learning the technique, seeing the transformation of broken thing will be back to original form and especially when they applied pure lacquer paint and golden powder at the last process, the appearance of beauty  made them "wow" feeling. Sometimes, people bring sentimental broken pieces to repair at the session, they've evoked the memory of the object when they fix and then sometimes it can be very emotional to bring back to a form for them.  



An Astute Assembly loves the outcome to see when we exchange the Japanese old technique which carries its history and own philosophy. the way we think that's beauty in the broken thing and old thing, mending yourself to give back the life and add your character with gold lines to enhance the broken part. this is a one of Japanese art form of mending. Wabi-sabi philosophy behind the technique and practice. 


we run this workshop regularly throughout the year, Please drop a line if you want to sit the workshop. we can put you on the list. 

Booking from enquiries@aaaselect.co



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