February 05, 2019


New Artist from Japan

In January, we were lucky enough to travel to Japan and exhibit the works of a range of talented New Zealand artists at our friend's beautiful gallery; Crossing Gallery. Misa the owner took care of presenting the objects to her audience and had a wonderful turnout. It is a real privilege for us to be able to showcase local talent internationally.

We are now lucky enough to bring a taste of Japan home to New Zealand, where we are exhibiting two new air fragrances crafted as a collaborative process by Crossing Gallery and Sariin our Auckland store. The two fragrances consist of visible; inspired by soil and invisible; inspired by the wind. 

Both artists will be visiting New Zealand in November to present more of their work. Keep an eye out for a potential workshop.

We also have a range of beautiful brass and copper mobiles made by Japanese blacksmith, Shiori Miyajima.  

After graduating Geidai Art School in 1998, Shiori focussed on creating daily ware items. She has since placed her focus on creating whimsical mobiles. The process behind these mobiles consists of planishing metal sheets with a hammer and hand-forming the mobiles herself. She uses mainly the brass and copper that she previously used to make tableware.

Shiori uses metal work as a way to express herself. She notes that she is attracted by the gradual changes of metal through forming it herself and how metal ages. She enjoys having total control by way of her hands, intuition, and sound.      

Her delicate Kanehen mobile will create a sense of harmony in your space, with the elegant movement being peaceful to watch and can be viewed at our Auckland studio.

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