October 27, 2018


Necessary tradition - We're coming to Christchurch

Kintsugi workshops at 
Necessary Traditions Festival
10-12th Nov, Book now! 

Necessary Traditions celebrates the relevance and resourcefulness of traditional crafts. The event promises to be very special as it is being held in the newly restored Arts Centre. 

We are so delighted to be a part of this wonderful event.
We will run Kintsugi workshops over three days, Sat 10, Sun 11 and Mon 12. We are looking forward to meeting all other amazing craftspeople and everyone that will attend.
~ Explore the website for amazing traditional skill workshops and join one of our kintsugi workshop ~ 

~ In partnership with Rekindle and supported by The Art Cente, Life in Vacant Spaces and The Christchurch City Council ~
The people behind this amazing event

Rekindle creates opportunities for resourcefulness. They focus on transforming undervalued resources through care, connection and craft; this being the opposite of wastefulness. Being resourceful is both good for us and good for the earth upon whose finite resources we depend. Resourcefulness requires us to utilise and value our inner resources and our ability to access what we need for lives we value. Being truly resourceful connects us within communities as they share the resources they have.

Since the beginning of Rekindle in 2011 in Auckland, then Christchurch, they have run various different projects that have been inherently focused on resourcefulness; some small, some as big as a whole house! 

For a summary of the kaupapa of their work, please see this TEDx talk by Rekindle's founder Juliet Arnott.

Kintsugi workshops schedule 
Over the course of the Necessary Traditions festival, An Astute Assembly is running 6 workshops:
  1. Saturday 10th Nov 2018 10am-11:30am * $58
  2. Saturday 10th Nov 2018 12pm-1:30pm *$58
  3. Saturday 10th Nov 2018 2pm-3:30pm * SORRY SOLD OUT 
  4. Sunday 11th Nov 2018 10am-11:30am * $58
  5. Sunday 11th Nov 2018 12pm-1:30pm * $58
  6. Monday 12th Nov 2018 10am-12pm, in the stunning old Gym building at the Arts Centre.  $70

* PLEASE NOTE: For the workshop sessions marked with an asterisk on Saturday 10th & Sunday 11th, you will need to have purchased a festival ticket to gain entry to the area where these workshops are being held.

Booking is essential
- Buy Festival Ticket(s) from here for weekend
- Kintsugi workshop booking from here  
- Explore other workshops and events from here

Kintsugi: Repairing broken objects (mostly ceramics) with a traditional Japanese technique - lacquer and golden powder that often leaves them more beautiful than in their original state.

Resourceful aspect: Changing a mindset from the modern 'disposable' way to a tradition of repair and appreciation for what you have. Recycling and improving imperfect goods.
Tutored by An Astute Assembly 
at the Art Center in Christchurch

Huge thanks to the team of Rekindle !!

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