March 27, 2017


Lovely picture of Donabe Demonstration and the recipe , 18/03/2017


Lovely photos from our Donabe demo at The Shelter last weekend.

And healthy tapas idea - making a one mouthful rice balls. 



18 / 03 / 17'

A demonstration on how to make tasty rice the authentic Japanese way using traditional Japanese kitchen utensils.

Lovely picture by Liz Clarkson Photography 







  • Rice 1 cup / Water 1 cup, (+100 ml water for brown rice with pinch of salt)

  • Rice 3 cups / Water 3 cups, (+100ml water for brown rice with pinch of salt)


1. Wash the starch off the rice (emptying and relling the water 3-4 times).

2. Strain the water with a sieve and leave it for 5 mins.

3. Put the washed rice into a bowl, add the water and soak it for 30mins (or longer).

4. Once it’s soaked, transfer it to the Donabe.

5. Put inner lid and top lid on with the holes at a 90 degree angle from each other.

6. Cook for about 10 - 12 mins with medium heat and it will start steaming hard, steam will come from the little hole (Brown rice will need to cook for about 10 mins longer than white rice).

7. Turn the heat off but leave it on the stove without opening the lid. The rice will keep steaming in the donabe for about 20 mins more. Again, do not open the lid during this process! (Steam for 30-40 mins longer for brown rice).

Serve however you like, enjoy!


• Mix with edamame beans and slices of spring onion.

• Mix with cooked salmon (or smoked salmon) with sesame seeds.

• Sushi vinegar with cooked shrimps, cooked eggs and beans.

**How to make sushi vinegar for rice:

In a little pot put 50mL of white vinegar, 1tbs sugar, 1tsp salt and cooked for 3 mins to dissolve all ingredients.

• Before you cook the rice, add 1tbs sake, 1tbs soy sauce and a pinch of salt.

• More great recipes here -


• Seasoning the donabe for rst use is very important (refer to on method).

• After use, add water to soften the rice then scrub with the sponge or scrubbing brush.

• Always dry your donabe and store in a dry place.

• If you get little cracks, cook a porridge style of rice (thick and gluggy) and it will act like a

glue and hold the cracks together, saving the donabe’s life.

TIP: Any left over rice can be put in glad wrap and frozen.


In these photos:

Donabe pot
Bamboo Strainers
Cederwood Rice Mixing tub 
Yachimun Small Plates - flower

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