June 19, 2019


Launch Party for our store opening, 76 Ponsonby, Auckland


To the launch Party of our new
flagship store in Ponsonby, Auckland


76 Ponsonby Rd, Auckland
26 / 06 / 19 (Wed)
from 6 pm to 8 pm

Please join us to raise a glass and celebrate this milestone event.

Hello friends of Astute Assembly,

We're super happy to announce some very exciting news - we've opened our own flagship store in Auckland! 

Astute Assembly offers a curation of intrinsically beautiful work. Each object focuses on showcasing the arts and crafts from each of our homes, New Zealand and Japanese Artisans.

Our new location is the dream spot, nestled in amongst some fantastic neighbours and right next door to Realtime and Curio Noir, directly opposite Western Park on Auckland's Ponsonby Rd.

We will run exhibitions regularly, introducing great artists every month or so, as well as stocking all the great products we have in our ever-evolving collection.

There is a large creative studio space at the back which we'll use for running workshops as well as hiring to private businesses. This studio space is called AAA studio. We look forward to collaborating with other creative types here.  

76 Ponsonby Rd, Grey Lynn,
Auckland, NZ

Open days: Tuesday to Sunday
Shop hours: Tue 10-2 pm, Wed - Sun 11-4pm (winter hours)
Any other time - View by Appointment:


We would like to introduce our wonderful friend, Yuka Otsu's beautiful clothing label, Otsu.

Otsu is one of Wellington's finest, seamlessly combining creative spirit, an avant-garde urge and beautifully considered natural textiles into wearable pieces that look stunning on everyone.

Her entire range is now available to view at our store. 

+ + +

"Otsu only give minimal stimulation to make extraordinary feelings in everyday life, harmonies with surrounding scenery, and the clothes which emit a delicate light and opens the wearer's mind......"

+ + +


There are many more exquisite new artist works from Japan and New Zealand that we will be showing at the launch, we've been quietly restocking for the past few month in anticipation for the event.

We hope to see you then for this special night to celebrate the occasion with us.

Save the date: Wednesday, 26th June from 6-8 pm

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