July 19, 2019


Japanese culture - Food and Art workshops

Astute Assembly x Te to Te Cater
At Ponsonby Central, Sapphire Room 

Te to Te Cater, Japanese cooking, Lunch bento box workshop!!

We are so excited to announce this workshop to be hosted at Ponsonby Central (Sapphire room) on Sunday, 21st of July, two weeks time. There are limited seats available, so be quick to enrol to this very rare workshop! (Gluten Free, Vegan options too!) 

As part of Eat Drink Love Ponsonby, Ponsonby Central is organising a series of monthly event from mid-July to mid-August.
To this exciting event,  Astute Assembly is tied up with Te to Te Cater again and running Kintsugi workshop in the morning and leading up to the Japanese healthy cooking bento box workshop in the afternoon. 

People can book both workshops as one or you could also book individually in case someone for who has already attended to our Kintsugi workshop. Thanks to our workshop lovers! 

The day will be full of exciting events! We welcome you to experience Japanese culture, Art and food workshops. Come look,  learn, taste and create! 

Booking essential  - enquiries@aaaselect.co or from the link here

 Both Kintsugi & Japanese Lunch Bento Box Workshop
10-2pm, $120 p.p 

Kintsugi & Japanese cooking, Bento Box Workshop (10-2pm)

$120/per person 
Ponsonby Central, Sapphire Room 

Lunch is provided, Small group tutorials, hands-on experiences and practices. 

Tutor - Astute Assembly (Kintsugi) & Te to Te Cater (Japanese bento box lunch)

Individual workshop If you want to join only one.


Kintsugi Workshop (10-11:30)
$70.00 Per person 

Kintsugi (also known as Kintsukuroi) which loosely translates to 'Golden Joinery' is the age-old Japanese art form of repairing broken ceramics in a way that is often considered more beautiful than when it was when whole. This ancient technique is a true celebration of 'Wabi Sabi', the aesthetic appreciation of the broken, old or disregarded.

We'll take you through an easy step by step instructions on how to piece back together with your broken ceramics with lacquer and goldenpowder. 

 $70/per person

• A group tutorial and hands-on experience. We will supply the materials for repairing your objects at the session, You could buy the kit at the end of the session as an optional (from $40-$75) There will be an eftopsmachine, you can purchase with cards.  

• Please bring your own broken pieces (not too complicated ones). 

The limited number of seats are available, so be quick! 

Tuter- An Astute Assembly www.aaaselect.co
Booking essential  - enquiries@aaaselect.co or from the link here


Japanese Bento Box (11:30-2)
$65.00 per person

Migiwa and Nina will demonstrate a number of classic bento box items and all participants will enjoy lunch together. Migiwa is qualified as a ‘Shoku-iku’ or food education instructor. Nina is an experienced Japanese chef and restauranteur. Their passion is 'LOHAS' - Life of Health and Sustainability.

 ’Te to Te’ means Hand to Hand in Japanese and their philosophy is based on the Japanese principle of ‘Mottainai’ - waste Not : want Not; and the universal principle of we are what we eat - which includes 'Hara Hachi bun me (eat to 80% of fullness); and 'Osusowake ( share with others).  

After packing your own lunch into the double layered lunch box,  (arranging by yourself) we will sit down to eat, enjoy the lunch together in the beautiful atmosphere of the space in Ponsonby Central. You can also take these delicious recipes home!

  $65/per person
-We will provide healthy tasty Japanese lunch 
-Take-home recipes
-Styling your own bento box

Tutor - Te to Te Cater 
Booking essential  - enquiries@aaaselect.co or from the link here

Please pop into our very unique concept store, Astute Assembly on 76 Ponsonby Rd, Auckland, NZ. The door is open for you. 

Hope you enjoy coming through the Noren into our store to experience the Japanese hospitality, feeling the skills of craftsmanship and seeing beautiful products that have been carefully curated by us.

There are many exquisite artisanal products that are available here from Japan and NZ where we feel at home. 

Looking forward to having you here!

Open Hours 
Tue 10 - 2:30
Wed - Sunday 11-4

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