January 25, 2019


Japanese cuisine workshop at The Shelter

Japanese Omotenashi cooking workshop

We are excited to announce our next workshop to be hosted at The Shelter in February. 

We will be welcoming guest chef Yuya Yamamoto from Japan to host a Japanese Omotenashi Cuisine Workshop. Yuya Yamamoto is the talented chef and co-founder behind @restaurantcultivate and @seedbed_gallery 

Chef Yuya Yamamoto co-founded his restaurant, Cultivate, in a remote town surrounded by nature and mountains. He uses locally sourced vegetables and other ingredients to make beautiful healthy food which is then served on artisanally made plates. Upstairs from Cultivate is Seedbed Gallery, the exhibition space where Yamamoto collaborates with local artists to house varying collections. Customers travel from afar to experience the sensational food on offer, making this a must-visit destination when in the area. 

The workshop will consist of demonstrations by the chef. Yuya will cook and show some traditional Japanese ways of cutting vegetables, filleting fish and beautiful ways to plate food.

In Japanese cuisine, food is very meaningful. It is, therefore, important to use up every part of the ingredient, cooking it in many different ways to avoid any waste. During the workshop, we will talk about the philosophy behind these ideas and will also talk about the best tools for cooking (we will even show you how to horn the knife!)

The day will be full of exciting events! We welcome you to experience, taste and take the recipes home! The theme behind the food is beautiful, healthy, summer food that you would like to enhance your daily diet. Not to add, it will encourage you to want to invite your friends over to entertain! Embrace omotenashi - the Japanese term for hospitality, through the food that you just learned about.

Date: Sunday 17 February 

Time: 10am - 12:30pm

Cost: $95 per person (includes provided lunch)

Location: The Shelter, 78 Mackelvie Street

1. Introductions to chefs, the philosophy of Japanese food, and the concept of Omotenashi 
2. Discussion about tools, knife sharpening demonstration, and experience
3. Serve Japanese cold tea (like an aperitif but it’s tea) 
4. Carpaccio arrangement and fish filleting demonstration
5. Vegetable and dips - learn about seasonal ingredients and cutting techniques
6. Main marinade dish (prawn or salmon dish) - use tea leaf waste and '29' olive oil 
Demonstration and viewing / hands-on experience / taste as you go / bring the recipe home / Q&A

Booking is essential - enquiries@aaaselect.co

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