July 01, 2016


Furoshiki demonstration at The Shelter

Up Coming event : 

Froshiki demonstration at The Shelter ! 

23rd - 24th July (Sat - Sun)

11am - 2 pm

AAAselect is going to demonstrate some of the amazing ways to fold furoshiki
We will be doing an in-store demonstration at the lovely The Shelter in Ponsonby. It will be fun to learn some variations to fold the furoshiki for different purposes out of one large piece of cloth. It'd also be a great opportunity to meet us there and we can answer any questions about our products & our work.

No bookings required! Just come in and join us. Pencil it in your diary and grab a coffee / lunch from the lovely 'Eat' cafe in The Shelter while you're learning .

Use Furoshiki to replace your disposable shopping bags! 

Furoshiki is a traditional Japanese square cloth used for carrying clothes, gifts, food and other goods. It's a great environmental alternative for disposable plastic bags and the like, which has seen it rise in popularity in Japan and abroad. 

It's supper versatile with a number of ways to fold for creating different shaped bags and bundles for different purposes. Some of the great ways you can fold your Furoshiki, we will demonstrate at the event. 

KONOMI has created their own contemporary Furoshiki with stunning geometric patterns for your own modern/traditional eco bag. Available from The Shelter or online store - www.aaaselect.co.

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