August 05, 2019


Cohn Artisanat - Textile designer from Korea

Jungeun Lee from Cohn.Artisanat aims to go deeper into ways to make beautiful fabric...
Jungeun Lee
Video & Photo by Jiho Yun

Introducing the talented Korean artist cohn. who's work is currently being exhibited at the Astute Assembly store in Ponsonby. 

cohn. [kohɯn], established in Korea 2014 by Jungeun Lee, is a label that emphasises the craftsmanship of textile design. It’s a fashion and lifestyle brand that uses traditional craft techniques to make fabrics, clothing and accessories necessary for living. Jungeun painstakingly combines weaving, print, dying, knitting and knot tying for her beautiful one-off, hand-crafted creations.

After studing textile design in Korea, Jungeun went on to study graphic art and philosophy of art in Paris before setting up her own beautiful store in Seoul, with every detail designed by her. The space was used as her store, atelier, launching her yearly collections as well as running regular exhibitions. 

We are incredibly lucky to now have Jungeun and her incredible label cohn. based here in New Zealand, as she has settled in West Auckland with her lovely family.



~ Textile design at Konkuk University in Korea

~ Art Graphic at Paris - Ecole Professionnelle Supérieure d'Arts Graphiques de la Ville de Paris,

~ Philosophy at Paris IV in France.

~ Set up her own her store in Seoul, Korea. 

~ Currently produces her textile collections and collaborations  with local artists here in New Zealand.

Find out more about Lee Jungeun:
web site -    
Instagram -
Her collectons -

Images from her beloved store/atelier in seoul 

Jungeun's store nestled in Hyehwa-dong, Korea which she shared with her husband, renowned NZ artist Seung Yul Oh was used to accommodate her atelier.

Furniture made of rope, wood and brass are mostly assembled in units, so that they can be used even if they are moved. Designed by her, made by Kwang Ho Lee, the installation was completed with the help of her husband, Seung-Yul Oh. 

Astute Assembly

'fluent scenery n˚1 / n˚2'
weaving suspension

Sold separately or as a pair

Photo by Jiho Yun

handwoven tote n˚13 (cotton / wool)
handwoven throw n˚4 (linen)
cohn’s new “handwoven tote” series is made of different weft compositions on the same warp and the number of bags is 4-6 on one warp. Given the entire process is completely handcrafted, it takes between two weeks to three weeks to produce a series. Currently, the series has been produced up to n° 15, the series introduced at Astute Assembly is n° 4 & 13. ‘We concentrate on getting new results by always maximizing the characteristic of weaving, which is modified by combining materials and colour,  improvised without sketching first. 

cohn's atelier in Auckland, 

Jungeun Lee participated as a guest before the opening of the ASEAN culture house as well as installing hand woven works. She participated in workshops to discuss the theory and textiles at the Forum on Succession of Hansan Mosi with young textile crafts people, sponsored by Uran Cultural Foundation. In the future Junguen is looking for opportunities to work in various fields such as fashion, product, furniture and space design here in New Zealand.

photo by Jiho Yun

Astute Assembly

Shop location

76 Ponsonby Rd, Grey Lynn, Auckland ,NewZealand 1010

       Open Hours
Tuesday                                11:00am -  2:30pm
Wednesday to Sunday         11:00am  - 4:00pm

Come and see her beautiful work in person!

Here is the cutest Ohhu, Jungeun's daughter together at her atelier in NZ.

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