September 03, 2018


Blend your own tonic

Please join our very first Tea blending workshop this Sunday! 

Tasting & blending your own tea 
9th of September / 10:30 - 12:00 - $70 per person 


Blend your own tea to enhance wellbeing + grow with Rebecca of Bohemia Tea Co. 

support / digestion / stress aid are 3 areas that Rebecca can guide you through how to blend your own tonic the natural way, so you can feel great.

Please email us if you are interested - we can book you in!

Lucky attendees can get this lovely goody bag !!
It includes a crystal, two pouches of organic tea and tea guide booklet.

Rebecca from Bohemia Tea Co. offers a range of unique, organic, rare teas + herbal blends sourced and crafted by a certified tea master who is dedicated to bringing you only the best tea!
Bohemia Tea Co. invites you to bring the quiet power of tea ritual into your life. She will be sharing this knowledge during upcoming tea tastings and workshops!

Organic / Spray Free | Loose Leaf | Small batch | Custom Tea Blends | Tea Tastings

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