November 19, 2015


Modern Tradition - Miyagi pottery - Yachimun

Masayuki Miyagi - His works and studio. 
Modern Tradition.
Masayuki Miyagi - His works and studio 
Using long established traditional techniques from the Okinawa region, Masayuki Miyagi has modernised Yachimun pottery.

Masayuki’s gallery/workshop is located in the peaceful village of Nanjo in Okinawa, Japan. His workspace and gallery is in a modern addition to his traditional Japanese home that is generations in the family. With a red ceramic roof, tatami mats and structural beams fused with a modern industrial aesthetic, it’s a space that reflects their aesthetic.
A passion for pottery took foot in Masayuki when he was 25, and after a decade of working with a renowned traditional local potter he started his solo career. He has a passion for innovative design and thinking lead to his own lines use a very light ceramic that are more like european porcelain, so perfect for pasta and western foods. as well as Japanese dishes.
Yachimun pottery dates back to ancient times when Okinawa was known as Ryukyu and wasn’t considered a region of japan. Masayuki has been experimenting tirelessly since he was an apprentice to achieve the same whiteness as the Ryukyu king used to use. His work on this is now held in high regard even though he has only recently become an independent potter.
The patterning on many of his pieces is made using a stamp with is made by slicing bamboo which is a traditional method, but with his touch it somehow has a very modern aesthetic. 

This unique and bespoke pottery collection is available online at  or at The Shelter in Auckland, NZ. 
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