August 30, 2015


Say goodbye Japan's traditional beauty Hotel Okura Tokyo

After over 50 years of business, One of the world renown architecture if the Hotel Okra is going to come to a close at the end of this Month for a sake of refurbishing and upgrading for Tokyo Olympics in 2020.

Okura is one of the symbols of Japan’s development after the war, It opened two years before the Tokyo Olympic in 1962, and since then has seen a multitude of high profile guests from around the world. It has become a very important piece of national heritage, and a architectural treasure for Japanese architecture.

Over time many Japanese craftsman have worked on the extravagant and detailed interior, adding to it’s timeless modernist riches. The most eye-catching place is the main lobby with Japanese traditional pattens and a high level of craft detail everywhere - the presence of the building is awe-inspiring.


Since the planning for demolition of this historical building, Italian fashion brand Bottega Veneta’s creative director, *Tomas Myier, has made a video clip to kick-start a movement to protect the building to save one of his favourite places in Japan.

The decision to demolish the hotel is to make way for a new complex with retail and hospitality, as well as a new hotel that can cater for a larger number of guests. It is so incredibly sad Japan doesn’t work to protect some of it’s iconic architecture - the historic and cultural significance as well as the emotional value of these places in the larger picture out way the financial gain.

One glimmer of hope is that the new development will be designed by Yoshio Taniguchi who is the oldest son of the original designer, Yoshiro Taniguchi.
Yoshio Taniguchi is a renowned designer in his own right and has worked on The Museum of Modern Art in New York.

Let’s hope it’s the last time we see a crisis like this in Japan, we need to protect these heritage treasures. We can only hope the new design lives up to the timeless piece created by Yoshiro Taniguchi. Look forward to seeing the result in four years time…


Main lobby ’s designed by a very famous architect *Yoshiro Taniguchi whom also designed The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo.

The wall art was painted by *Norikichi Tomimoto who is a living national treasure.

Tomas Maier (Bottega Veneta ’s creative director) -

Yoshiro Taniguchi -

Norikichi Tomimoto -

Yoshio Taniguchi -

This article and photography by Mototsuna Nakamura
Translated by Yuka O'Shannessy 






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