June 15, 2015


Featuring Syuro copper tins in the Homestyle magazine, NZ

Our copper tins was featuring in the latest homestyle magazine. 
"By the fire" - Snuggle up this winter with these cosy-making essentials ... 

Beautiful styling by Sophie Peacocke, Photo by Melanie Jenkins. 
Thank you so much. We ♡ homestyle. xxx  



Winter issue 

Syuro copper tins - http://aaaselect.co/collections/living-room/products/syuro-copper-square-cans

More options of Syuro tins - http://aaaselect.co/collections/living-room/products/syuro-square-cans

Syuro round cans - http://aaaselect.co/collections/living-room/products/syuro


Big love and thanks for your support from AAA team. x

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