March 16, 2015


An interview - Makoto Koizumi (Koizumi Studio) ...

One of the reasons we set up AAA was to share the stories and ides of the people behind the scenes who spend so much time and energy crafting the objects we love. We would love to impart with you what excites them, motivates them and drives them to create these treasures that bring us a little joy to our daily lives.
And so the stories begin...


Story #1 Makoto Koizumi (Co/founder & designer of Koizumi Studio design company)

The Koizumi Studio is renowned in Japan for quality lifestyle products headed by the multi award winning Makoto Koisumi. Famous for his minimal, reduced aesthetic and considered functionality he has fast become one of Japan’s  favourite sons. With a selection of traditional, humble materials such as porcelain, wood and cast-iron Makoto’s diligent process and exceptional eye breaths new life into a rich heritage of Japanese craft.

"I take responsibility to draw each single line to search for its reason to be there
What an appropriately inspirational person to introduce to our fans ! Hope you enjoy ! ... 

Koizumi design -


Q, What is the single hardest task you have to do as part of your process?
A, It’s not really the hardest task, but my emphasis is on keeping designing and producing products I am really proud of. It’s important to create with a sense pride. 
Q, Please describe your favourite tool used in your work. / Is there anything you couldn't craft without in your workspace?
A, Color-pencils. I can’t add dimension to my design without them.  



Q, How do you know when a piece is finished?


A, When I feel 'this is it'. 
Q, When gazing on a newly completed your products, do you still get the same sense of joy and satisfaction now as you did when you first started.
A, Yes, I do.
Q, Would you describe your process as starting with simple forms and adding detail, or is more a case of striping away the detail to reveal a more simple form?
A, It’s definitely adding …. I take responsibility to draw each single line to search for its reason to be there .
Q, Have you always loved the craft ? Is there a moment when you realised this is what you wanted to dedicate your life to? 
A, I’ve always been interested in porcelain ( before I produced anything ). People use porcelain to create functional items, I’m really excited by this. I think it’s a great material for making products that are essential for daily life which is why I’m attracted to it. 
Q, What are your go-to magazines or blogs?
A, I don’t have them.
Q, Having your Koizumi studio products seen on someone who would make you the proudest?
A, The people who contributed to my production.  The maker’s house.
Q, If you had to pick one, what is the single most thoughtful gift you have ever been given?
A, Industrial vacuum, given to me by my staff.
Q, Who would you most like to collaborate with?
A, Le Corbusier
Q, Do you have a product of your own from which you draw inspiration?
A, I own many vintage tools and goods. I’m always moved when I found the reason they have been loved  and popular for long long time.  
Q, Is there an artist you admire who provides motivation to your work?
A, My long term clients and contractors are the ones I respect.  I’ve been working hard to do my role as a designer to keep up with them.
Q, Are you living your dream job?
A, I’m not sure yet, but I’m working towards it. 
Shitaku set (porcelain) -
Butter case (porcelain) - 
Koizumi studio iron Kettle -
Tape cutter -

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