August 02, 2014


Traveling around Japan to stock up on ceramics. vol 1



Fukuoka Koishiwara-yaki pottery

Produced by throwing wheels then applying slip then decorated with traditional techniques like tobikanna, hakeme and kushime. The glazes are made from natural materials from Koishiwara.







Okinawa Yachimun pottery

Yachimun pottery is traditional craft of Okinawa.
It is developed under the influence of porcelain techniques from mainland Japan and neighboring Asian countries.
Kilns have been active for over 300 years.

Craftsman is making beautiful traditional design and pleasant colors as Okinawa is tropical island.
Yachimun is widely used for everyday wares.






tropical fruits.   It was just season of mangoes!


Yam! Okinawa noodles and boiled rice mixed with meat and vegetable.



 There was a long line in front of the noodle restraint.


the beautiful blue sea


a stone pavement….



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