May 19, 2016


Oh....Naoshima... I love you


Seto Inland Sea - This place a once polluted by the factory pollutions in 60s-80s...

There is a movement of revival nature also turned into the Art Island lead by the owner of Benesse Corporation - Soichiro Fukutake (one of the largest education companies in Japan and based in Okayama). Fukutake has directed the creation and operation of the island's museums and other projects since the late 1980s, working closely with Tadao Ando (the great renowned Japanese architect). After about 3 decades there is a great number of tourists coming from all over the world to see the amazing art and buildings, through the cleverly designed Island.    

We had a lots of goosebumps moments ... Especially the Chichu Art museum was outstanding !  It is located on one of the highest points of the island, and various exhibits and facets of the museum's architecture take advantage of its commanding view.


Welcoming us by the famous red dots pumpkin by Yayoi Kusama.

Awe.... We were so happy to be there.... it was a stunning day...

Old village houses...the small array was somehow so picturesque. 


The location .... the tricks .... everything was all too much...  Speechless...

House project in Naoshima - following the trailer of map was such a fun! Great installations!! 

Chichi Art Museum ... lots of optical tricks are hiding this place. Blows me away ... 

The view from just out side of Benesse Art museum. We enjoyed the sunset ... 

Sculpture by Yayoi Kusama. We are very contented.

We thought that we could live here! Love this Island and people from here. 

Thank you so much, Naoshima! We will definitely come back again soon !!! 


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