March 29, 2016


AAA welcomes The Caker and The Kelmarna garden

The Caker 
cake mixes, cookbook and candles

We are pleased to now stock Jordan Rondel’s beautiful range of cake products from The Caker. You can either take delight in baking from her selection of prepared cake mixes in a gorgeous box complete with icing and decorations, choose a favourite recipe from her amazing cookbook or relax to the dreamy scent of the rhubarb and rose candle. Such an elegant and intelligent collection of natural, wholesome products ♥♥♥

View them in our store here

Figs and Kelmarna
Organic Gardens

We are excited about Fig season here at AAA!
The wonderful fig tree produces these delectable treats from mid-February to late April/early May. If you are lucky you know someone who has a tree, but if not and you live in central Auckland then we want to let you know about a special place to buy them!
Kelmarna Gardens is just off Richmond Road, an inner city garden where you can buy a small range of organic seasonal fruit and vegetables. We brought about 15 figs for $5 (just remember to bring cash) Link to website is here.

Kelmarna Gardens was first established in 1992 to aid in mental health therapy, they are now opening up to the public as they need help to maintain their role as a sanctuary and expand into an educational organic gardening space for the community.

One of our favourite ways to eat fresh figs is a lovely and simple combination of goats cheese, roughly chopped pistachios and finished with a little drizzle of balsamic creme/reduction (alternatively honey and balsamic vinegar). Absolute perfection! This is also ideal as a salad with panfried and sliced duck breast, add some baby spinach and watercress and voilà ! An amazing dinner for two !

If you like green tea, you might also enjoy a cup of fig leaf tea! Pick and wash 1 or 2 fig leaves, pop a whole leaves into a teapot. We have heard fig leaf tea has many healing properties, including being beneficial for diabetes, lowering blood pressure and cancer.

This award winning, beautiful black cutlery from Kobo Aizawa is available from online or the shelter. 

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